Become a Team Player

HR software has become a must for sustainable business growth. Automating your HR processes saves invaluable time that can be instead used to focus on productivity.

We at Team10 know that time is money, and our smart digital HR management system makes it easy to manage all your administrative processes. We manage your HR processes so that you can manage your business.

What’s in a name?

The game of business is not much different from the game of football. Both are team sports where you work for common goals, individually assigned roles and responsibilities, and a broad set of rules and ethics to follow. In football, the coveted jersey number 10 is only given to top performers.

From Pele to Maradona, to Ronaldinho, to Messi, many football legends that sported the jersey number 10 delivered powerful performances and made history. Team10 HRMS is the legendary player that helps your team play a winning game every time, and achieve optimum performance.

What Makes Us Best

HR processes aren’t a sprint, but a marathon. And our team members are well-prepared to run long distances to help you win the game of business.

About Our Team

Seasoned professionals and young technologists come together with innovative digital solutions. Your business is our big priority.

Your business deserves to have solution oriented and problem-solving engineers & analysts on your side! We take pride not only by offering a solution but going further and helping our customers. Your growth is our priority.

Customer Success Team

Our analysts provide excellent customer service and deep industry knowledge to keep your processes simple.

HR Team

HR coaches share their insights for flawless implementation of Team10 with effective and efficient solutions.

Compliance Team

Our statutory experts ensure that all your statutory compliances are completed on time every time.

Tech Team

Tech geeks help you modernize your product to meet ever-changing business needs in our digital world.


We at Team10 take pride in catering to the needs of growing businesses, helping them to stand apart in today’s competitive world.