Explore what TEAM10 has to offer for your business.

Move away from disparate HR tools, scattered data, and inadequate overview.

Smart Dashboards

Just one glance is all you need to stay updated on your business’ day to day developments. With highly customizable and adjustable features you can choose the parameters you wish to keep track of on a daily basis. 

Real-time analytics on the dashboard helps you spot trends and deficiencies, empowering you to make timely business decisions.

Managed Payroll

Constant payroll updates, calculations, payroll processing, and ensuring compliance with tax and regulatory changes can be a daunting challenge to meet on an everyday basis. This is why we at Team10 help you manage your payroll processes.

We offer timely compliant and cost-effective solutions to manage your payroll process.

Our customized and flexible payroll solutions are tailored to your requirements, and put together by dedicated specialists. You can access our web interface at any time, and anywhere, and keep your data safe.

Attendance Management

Team10 offers a combination of web, app, and biometric-based attendance management tools to keep track of your employee working hours. 

Our contactless attendance and attendance-payroll sync ensures accurate and error-free calculation of attendance and payroll.

Leave Management

Team10 makes the process of applying and approving employee leave requests hassle-free. 

Approve employee leave, access leave records, and make payroll adjustments in seconds.  

Task Management

Assign tasks, track progress, discuss feedback, and get more done with Task Management.

You can also generate performance and productivity reports  with customizable visuals at the touch of a button.


Whether you want to shout out to your employees or to pass an information, the Announcement feature in Team10 ensures that nobody misses an update.


We at Team10 take pride in catering to the needs of growing businesses, helping them to stand apart in today’s competitive world.