Can Data Management be this Easy with Team10 HRMS Software?

Human capital management is as significant as other business functions. Employee details such as Name, ID, Branch, Category, etc., CTC and Payroll Structure, Family Details, Holidays, and Birthdays are incorporated into HCM. Maintaining this data, as well as improving the efficiency of your workforce, are factors that need to be taken into account. To handle this information peacefully and constructively, you need a system that allows you to store it whenever and however you need it. Let’s have a look at our Team10 real-time data analytics feature. 

Smart Dashboard: 

Interactive dashboards that let you review information quickly and in a compact format, plus business analytics that boost productivity. 

An Overview of Information: 

A user’s personal information, such as company information, can be accessed centralized, at a glance, through the software itself, so there is no need to store the document on hardware. 

The Category View: 

You can view the employee in a categorized manner to enhance viewing. It becomes easy to search for employees based on the corresponding department, branch, and category. 

Information History: 

You can view any past data history of an employee, including the date and time it was updated, as well as who changed it, when, and why. 

Monitor Employee Lifecycle: 

With human resource software, you can track an employee’s entire life cycle from hire to retirement in an efficient and hassle-free way. 

Management of Documents: 

Using this feature, you can save, share, and manage employee and company-related documents, such as joining documents and identity proofs. 

Multi-tiered Salary System: 

Payroll processing is made more efficient when the system facilitates storing and reviewing employees’ wages according to their jobs. 

The Organization Chart: 

Your employees and you will be able to see an enhanced organizational chart. This chart represents the associated reporting and approving manager, the department head, the CEO, etc.