Can I use Team 10 even if I am using an HRMS?

Yes, you can! Team10 HR is designed to seamlessly integrate with other well-known HRMS platforms, and let you visualize your company data to help you understand and evaluate the scope of your business.

What are the processes HRMS can help me with?
Team10 HRMS can assist you with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Use Technology to your advantage with Team10 HR Enabling System

Making the switch will benefit your organization in the long run. Change is hard, but necessary to reduce stress in your organization’s database management and avoid human errors.

Team10 is well-secured with a dedicated server with 7 layers of protection, we pride ourselves on safety and privacy.

Team10 can handle any different type of employee across skill sets and designations.

Team10 includes effective and efficient database management with maximum security and has an excellent community to help answer all your queries. We are highly customizable, scalable, and can seamlessly be integrated to your business needs.

Team10 helps you to automate repetitive HRMS processes, saving you time and money, allowing you to focus on organizational growth and development.

Team10 is a self-service portal that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, across multiple platforms.

Our dedicated Tech Team is here to answer all your questions and offer helpful tips and tricks. We are here to get you the most out of the Team10 experience.

Team10’s software is cloud based and built on a modern technology stack. As a result, there’s only one version of Team 10, and we’re constantly releasing enhancements and features to make it better and better.

NOTE: Upgradation of one plan to the next plan will add on charges.

The answer is no. Team10 values transparency and will let you know exactly how you will be charged every step of the way.

It is ideal to start making the switch from the beginning of the month, as you can proceed with fresh data and calculations.

Team10 makes your People Resource Management more organized by streamlining your HR process and pave way for your future business enhancements.


We at Team10 take pride in catering to the needs of growing businesses, helping them to stand apart in today’s competitive world.