Your Payroll Compliance Services Made Easy with Team10

Our payroll platform automates a business’ tedious calculations and operations so you can focus on the key tasks with the following Salary and Payroll Compliances.  Salary operation with a click:  With a single click, you can process the salary in a flash and avoid the complexities of manual calculations.  Payroll Compliance:  Automate your payroll processes […]

Save your Time and Money with the Smart Team10 Software

Traditionally, HR operations were handled manually. With the advancement of technology, HR personnel is more likely to have a specialized platform to perform employee management tasks. With all these requirements, HR software was developed, which managed all the processes that were previously time-consuming. By simplifying, centralizing, and streamlining mundane tasks, the solution has caused many […]

Can Data Management be this Easy with Team10 HRMS Software?

Human capital management is as significant as other business functions. Employee details such as Name, ID, Branch, Category, etc., CTC and Payroll Structure, Family Details, Holidays, and Birthdays are incorporated into HCM. Maintaining this data, as well as improving the efficiency of your workforce, are factors that need to be taken into account. To handle […]


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